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Xbox One For Sale Online


xbox one for sale online titanfall

The question of the day, “Is the Xbox One really future proof?” This is what the manufacturers at Microsoft are striving for this time. I think they did ok with the 360 because it had a good run of over 6 years. As a video gamer, since the days of Nintendo, this is a good run. Only time will tell if the console will remain future proof. There are a lot of great features.  CLICK HERE for the  Xbox One, In addition to 1080p gaming, enhanced graphics, a must, gaming quality a must. 300,000 servers for online gaming, check. Improved AI, check. The console does have exclusivity on some very popular titles like Call of Duty: Ghosts, Halo and over 100 games that are award winning from E3. Oh and let’s not forget this console is going to have Blu Ray.

xbox one for sale online


These are great features, but future proof? The xbox one is for sale on ebay and at walmart. If anyone has a good indication about the future, it would be Microsoft. I like that the Xbox one, will integrate better with the next gen user. The next gen user is set up today, with the tablet, lap top, and cell phone. They are mobile. This is where Microsoft has a strong advantage over their competition.  And then, let’s not forget this one, the will also, in my opinion, integrate smarter with your TV, as they become smarter. How would like to watch a show, and speak with people on your Skype at the same time? You have that option now. Xbox has been around for some time, and in the technology world,  in my opinion, your device needs to come out with new versions to really hit their stride. Plus there is the exclusive to Titanfall. This is why, I believe the xbox one is going to hit the mark in becoming future proof.  In addition, the Xbox One console is going to be purchased by people, who are not gamers, but are looking for a next generation experience, when it comes to their gadgets. The xbox one is for sale cheap. Thanks for reading. Google +



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